Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Florida renewable energy groups call for $114 million trust fund

A different kind of campaign to effect political change than the type we're accustomed to seeing from FPL and its lobbyists is being generated by three Florida energy groups that have banded together in the Florida Clean Energy Campaign.

Last week, the Florida Renewable Energy Association, Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy and Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association banded together to announce their support for a $114 million "clean energy fund to help solve the crisis in funding the state's renewable energy programs."

Called the Florida Clean Energy Trust Fund, the idea is to tap into the estimated 80% of Floridians who have told pollsters that they would be willing to pay up to $1 per month extra on their electric bill to support solar development programs.

See the announcement online at

More information abo0ut the Florida Clean Energy Trust Fund is online, here.

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