Monday, February 9, 2009

FPL transmission lines discussed by South Miami Commissioners

South Miami City Commissioners debating a proposed land purchase for use as a passive park at US1 and SW 80th Street moved quickly to discussion of FPL's proposed route along US1 for high-voltage transmission lines that could render the land worthless.

According to a Miami Herald report, Commissioners ended up voting 4-1 during a Feb. 3rd meeting not to buy vacant land at 6540 Manor Lane, at the corner of US1 and SW 80th Street.
''It's not a good time to purchase right now,'' Commissioner Velma Palmer said. ``Timing is everything and we just can't afford this at the moment.''
The paper said Commissioner Valerie Newman balked at the initial outlay for the purchase and that she noted ...
South Miami doesn't know where Florida Power & Light lines will cut through the city when the lines are moved later this year or next year.

''If the lines go through or near the park, it will render that property useless,'' Newman said.

UPDATE: Residents want to stop FPL high-voltage lines along US 1, Florida East Coast Railroad


Anonymous said...

What, was the Herald reporter asleep through the rest of the meeting? what the article misses is a whole discusstion hat took place on the power line routes and how they need FPL to come back and clarify.

they set the presentation for an upcoming commission meeting in early March.

Stop FPL said...

Send us more details on that upcoming meeting and we'll post notice here ... FPLnewstips
at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

The public workshop is held on March 2nd 7pm at South Miami City Hall.

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