Thursday, February 26, 2009

South Daytona effort to Stop FPL electricity monopoly hits resistance

South Daytona providing electric power directly to its citizens? Without the help of FPL?

That's something that City Manager Joe Yarborough and City Attorney Scott Simpson have been looking at for the past three years. Now they're hitting resistance from the giant private electricity provider, according to an article in today's East Volusia News-Journal.

FPL is now fighting hard in current contract renewal negotiations to remove an option that would give the city the right to distribute electricity itself, if it so chooses. And, playing hardball ... threatening a lawsuit to be able to remove the city's option to go it alone.
Councilwoman Nancy Long said she did not appreciate that stance, nor did she understand why FPL did not want to leave the purchase option in the franchise agreement.
Read the full story online, here.

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