Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop FPL now @ Twitter

As you've surely noticed, this is a very text-based site ... and we've kept it that way for a reason: to make it as accessible as possible for dial-up Internet users and for easier loading onto mobile web browsers, unburdened by all those large images and graphics you see on lots of sites.

Convinced by one of our readers, we've decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon so that mobile phone users can follow us more easily as we update the site and get alerts and blog posts wherever they may be ... and hopefully to build the Stop FPL presence across other online platforms.

So, you can now follow Stop FPL @ Twitter ... just go to http://twitter.com/stopfpl and see our updates and log-in to Twitter to download the client to your phone and follow Stop FPL while you are mobile.

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