Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop FPL from ... taking credit for saving the manatees?!?!

You gotta love this one ... FPL taking credit for saving the manatees!

Yep, FPL basically taking credit in a Florida Today story up on the Space Coast for the discharge from its power plants staving off the extinction of the manatees.

Now admittedly, the manatee population in Florida is suffering from a decline in warm water habitat. And, FPL power plants do generate warm water discharge. But, to put the two together in a piece about the "positive effects" of FPL power plants on our natural environment.

Wow, you gotta hand it to FPL ... what a PR machine!!!

But, shame on Florida Today for printing this story and providing a PR platform for the ludicrous implication that FPL is somehow saving the manatees.

Read the full Florida Today story online, here.

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