Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eye on Miami: FPL's determination to waste the Everglades, one power plant at a time

Gimleteye's post at Eye on Miami this morning about FPL's determination to "waste the Everglades, one power plant at a time" is so well put, that there's no more that can really be added here.

It's an argument that is very clear and concise and one that all South Floridians should be paying attention to. As gimleteye points out to the corporate apologists at FPL, the company's employees ...
The 11,000 people who "live and work in the same communities as our customers" might ask their employer how safe it is to mine more than 10 million cubic yards of wetlands, with a total of over 26 million cubic yards just off Card Sound Road for its new nuclear reactors, to put them twenty feet above sea level.

According to the National Park Service, "this coastal wetland system represents the last remaining historic southeastern EVerglades, and land use decisions affecting this region will determine the fate of recovery efforts for Florida and Biscayne Bays."
FPL is deficit-spending our environment with their ongoing nuclear and gas-fired power plant expansion in Florida. Isn't it time that taxpayers and electricity customers say ENOUGH! Give us clean electricity NOW or open up the FPL monopoly to true competition from providers of green power to utility customers statewide!!

Read the entire post at Eye on Miami today, here.

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