Thursday, March 19, 2009

More on the proposed FPL "billion dollar" base rate increase

More on the proposed FPL "billion dollar" base rate increase from Julie Patel, blogging at the Sun-Sentinel here and main story here ...

And, from John Dorschner of the Miami Herald here ...

Even the public utility watchers are astounded by this one, as Dorschner's story points out:
''Wow,'' said Charlie Beck of the Office of Public Counsel, which represents utility customers, when he heard the numbers. ``Wow. This is the biggest rate increase I have ever seen requested by a utility in Florida. This is really something.''
Reporting from SoFlo Business Journal, here ... and Palm Beach Post, here ... ... and Orlando Sentinel, swallowing the FPL "spin" on the story and getting it wrong here ...

Of all the papers, the Sun-Sentinel's site is most social media-friendly, and love the comments we're seeing on Julie Patel's main story, here, especially this one from "Powerball":
I have an idea for the new FP&L logo. How about they just have a ski mask and a gun. Simple, to the point, an honest.

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