Friday, March 20, 2009

FPL Corporate Comms now following Stop FPL!

Received notification today that "Anne-Louise Seabury is now following you on Twitter!"

So we checked out Anne-Louise's twitter profile here and then Googled to find her LinkedIn profile here:

Turns out Anne-Louise works in Corporate Communications at FPL, which means that Stop FPL has obviously come to their attention and they're interested in seeing what's being said here about them.

Which gives us an idea: maybe we can find out what percentage of the average monthly electricity bill goes toward marketing, advertising and public relations work at FPL -- all designed to convince us that we need things like nuclear plants and high-voltage transmission lines in our neighborhoods that were never requested, not wanted and now not needed by customers of FPL, given the disastrous economic downturn that unmitigated corporate greed and lack of real regulation has caused in our country! Just a thought ...

But, back to Anne-Louise ... Welcome Aboard! And enjoy the show!

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