Thursday, March 12, 2009

Miami Herald exposé of safety, security lapses at Turkey Point nuclear station

The Internet is abuzz today with the Associated Press pickup of this morning's Miami Herald stories about Turkey Point safety and security lapses.

Take a look at the number of related stories now listed in a Google News search of "Turkey Point" ...

Kudos to business writer John Dorschner for this exposé of the ongoing problems at Turkey Point as FPL tries to move forward with construction of two more reactors, soaking consumers in the process for a massive base rate hike of nearly a billion dollars -- yet to be approved by the Florida Public Service Commission.

The four related Herald stories are now available online at:
Court papers reveal nuclear feud at Turkey Point

At heart of Turkey Plant workers' unrest: overtime

Silence clause aims to keep Turkey Point workers quiet

Amid nuclear worker shortage, FPL says it's following rules
Read it and weep? Save your tears ... maybe there's time yet to stop nuclear reactors 6 & 7 from endangering the public through the same sort of safety and security lapses that continue to plague Turkey Point.

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