Monday, March 23, 2009

Herald: Divisions among South Miami commissioners prevented unified opposition against FPL

As the Herald reported on Sunday, the failure of the South Miami City commission to pass either of two resolutions at it's meeting last Tuesday means that "residents opposed to adding planned power lines to South Miami will have to wait until next month for their political leaders to voice their opposition."

Nothing new from what we'd already reported at Stop FPL. Except that the paradox of Mayor Feliu voting against his own resolution escaped us!

The Herald's reporting of this story as a kind of factional spat between Commissioners, however, is a real simplification of what actually occurred ... which appears to have been an orchestrated effort by Feliu and Commissioner Beckman to derail a timely resolution that would immediately put South Miami on record in opposition to the proposed routes of the Turkey Point 6 & 7 Transmission Lines project.

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