Friday, March 20, 2009

Ummm, how do you spell "sellout" ... B-U-B-R-I-S-K-I , is it? Former Obama flak to put on new FPL hat

This just in from the "Post on Politics" blog: "Former Obama, Florida Democratic Party communications director heads to FPL"

In a post by Michael C. Bender of today's date ...
Word is Mark Bubriski, who led the communications effort for Barack Obama’s Florida campaign last year, has accepted a job to become director of media relations for Florida Power & Light, the electric utility serving all of South Florida and the state’s east coast.

Bubriski, who worked as communications director for the Florida Democratic Party before joining the Obama campaign, is expected to start next week at the company’s Juno Beach headquarters.
We'd like to say, "Say it ain't so!"

But, WTF ... in this world of so little principle in which we live, it's not really surprising, is it? I mean, Stop FPL has already established that several leading Democrats in our State were not remiss in lining up for the FPL campaign cash swill in 2008, not to mention previous election cycles.

It was disappointing enough that Barack Obama played along with the "nuclear-as-renewable" gang in order not to stir up too much opposition to efforts to go toward wind and solar. It WAS a political campaign and lots of things get said in a political campaign in order to win.

But, that Democrats who worked on Obama's Florida campaign seem now to be joining with certain environmentalists who look the other way when it comes to FPL's environmental record and justify their palling around with the utility on the the basis of a few recently installed megawatts of solar- and wind-generated power ... that's just tiresome!

So, now we get to see Ivy-League fasttalker Mark Bubriski, formerly of Dartmouth University, Harvard University School of Education and Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, put his Northeast liberal principles to work and show us how fast he can talk on behalf of Florida Plunder and Loot!

Hey, you know them by the company they keep! And, if Bubriski truly has declared for FPL, then Mr. Bubriski ... welcome to the front lines!

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