Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your FPL dollars at work: the FPL Pavilion at the 17th Green

Ever wonder what the money you pay to FPL every month goes toward? Electricity, right? Wrong! It also goes for a lot of other things, including marketing spend ...

FPL, like most big private corporations, has a huge marketing budget that serves not only to print up masses of glossy brochures touting things like how clean nuclear energy is, but also to ... fund the 2,322 square-foot public hospitality area with covered stadium seating known as the "FPL Pavilion at the 17th Green" during the PGA Honda Classic this week !!!

First spotted this online at the Sun-Sentinel. But, check out the online pitch for what to do while you're enjoying the The Honda Classic at the PGA National Resort and Spa's Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens this week:

The FPL Pavilion overlooking the 17th green is another great place to hang out. For starters, you have a signature par-three hole bordered by water. The Pavilion also treats general admission fans to theatre-style seats, flat-screen televisions, and unobstructed sight lines to the hole. Just outside the FPL Pavilion is the FPL Village where you'll find lunch and a cold drink, interactive expos from FPL and you and the kids can cool off in the FPL Cool Mist Zone.

Nothing against golf ... after all, golf courses are where all the big deals are sealed in the private sector and where lobbyists get to talk privately to politicians ... and all the big deals are sealed!

Still, you would think FPL would have learned from the banking sector's excorciation over throwing bailout money around for obscene parties and spa retreats. Like, maybe it's not such a great idea to sponsor a PGA golf tournament at a spa venue and then expect not to run into opposition when asking the FPSC for nearly a billion dollars in base rate hikes later this Spring.

On the other hand, maybe FPL's marketing department has been hanging out in the FPL Cool Mist Zone for way too long ... maybe it's time for the public and their customers to start turning up the heat on 'em!

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