Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reject FPL hike, says Bradenton Herald: "Rate request excessive in recession"

The Bradenton Herald today joined in the call to reject FPL's outrageous request for a base-rate hike, publishing an editorial that calls the rate request "excessive," particularly in the midst of an economic recession:

We’ve got to admire the chutzpah radiated by Florida Power & Light.

Their creative-writing division came up with a classic snow job in an appeal to our environmental sensibilities. The key subject of the press release concerned rates, but not until deep in this writing exercise did that reality set in.

The editorial goes on to explain why the rate request is beyond the pale, saying in conclusion that:

We’re not falling for FPL’s smooth line. The utility will get a hearing before the commission in a few months, with a decision by the end of the year. New rates would hit in January.

We don’t mind paying a fair rate of return, but FPL should not ask for $1 billion next year alone — not during a severe recession. Everybody’s feeling the pain, and corporate giants should, too. The company’s creative writers must be aware of that as well.

The Public Service Commission should reject this request.

Read the full Bradenton Herald editorial online, here.

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